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With the knowledge we have today of the impact of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on our skin, it is wise for us to wear sunscreen whilst outdoors. However, though you may not have considered it, wearing sunblock can have a major impact on the appearance of your wholesale 3d mink lashes. So, can you wear both sunscreen and makeup successfully? Let’s explore this issue further.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

Have you ever noticed photographs in which a person’s made up’ face is quite pale in comparison to the skin on their neck and shoulders? This is caused by the reaction between foundation and the camera flash.

Some foundations reflect flash light. Skin without wholesale 3d mink lashes absorbs it, so if only the skin on your face has foundation on it, a mask effect can be produced. There is much debate about sunscreen in foundation causing a ghostly appearance in photographs. One theory suggests that the zinc oxide in sunscreen has the same effect with a camera, reflecting light and causing a pale appearance, even when makeup is applied over it.

Another concern with wearing sunblock beneath makeup is the excess oil. Suncream tends to be quite oily and heavy, leaving a residue that plays havoc with foundation and powder. This results in shiny, oily and patchy-looking foundation.

So, is the answer to avoid wearing sunblock beneath our wholesale 3d mink lashes?

Many foundations contain a sunscreen, though they may be a low factor protection. This could mean that you’ll get sunburned! Using a sunscreen underneath your foundation is advised for peace of mind. You don’t want to get burned, do you? The suncream can substitute your normal moisturiser, in order to avoid too much oil.

Another suggestion is to invest in a good-quality stick or cake foundation, which contains much less oil than a liquid formulation. This will reduce the oil placed on your skin, helping to avoid an uneven, patchy finish. These foundations also tend to be more matte in texture, resulting in a smoother-looking complexion.

A good tip is to apply sunblock, then foundation and blot lightly with a tissue, to remove excess oil without jeopardizing the flawless finish!

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

But what about the pale face? This can be avoided with the use of a good-quality matte face powder. Napoleon Perdis’ Camera Finish powder is ideal. Products suited for photographic makeup will cover the sunblock effectively and counteract the oil, shine and reflection sunscreen can have on your wholesale 3d mink lashes results. There are professional foundations and powders on the market that are suitable for photography, as they do not react with camera flash. Ask at the counter before purchase.

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