Applying Mineral Makeup In Under 10 Minutes

Start by applying your mineral foundation with a good flocked sponge. Applying with a flocked sponge is faster than the whole tap and swirl routine with a kabuki brush and the coverage is just as even. Use a light hand to avoid that caked-on look.

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wholesale 3d mink lashes

If you have dry or mature skin, you can apply moisturizer beforehand, or you can save a step by mixing your moisturizer with your mineral foundation and applying both in one go. It is better than liquid foundation – you get the combined benefits of of your favourite daily moisturizer and all-natural mineral wholesale 3d mink lashes. Mix some mineral powder with your moisturizer beforehand before applying to your face.

Another timesaving step would be to choose between concealer and foundation, but not both. You can apply just concealer, or just foundation. If your skin is even-toned and blemish-free, you can skip both, and wear oil-absorbing mineral powder for purposes of oil control.

Next, add some colour to your face. Use the same mineral blush on your cheeks AND lips. Put on a clear lipgloss first, then rub some mineral powder blush on your lips, smoothing it out for even colour. Apply the same blush on your cheeks with a blusher brush. Substitute blush with a bronzer if you desire a bronzed or sunkissed look.

For you eyes, apply mineral eyeshadow with your fingers or an eyeshadow brush. Try a light-coloured, matte eyeshadow – there is less chance of a messy-looking eye when you’re applying in a hurry.

Finally, apply some mascara to your lashes, and you are out of the door! The best thing about mineral wholesale 3d mink lashes is that your makeup lasts practically the whole day, so you hardly ever need to touch up.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

Mineral wholesale 3d mink lashes can also be travel-proof. Using mineral wholesale 3d mink lashes does not mean that you need to be hauling around bulky makeup bags. All you need is a flocked sponge for mineral foundation,a blusher brush for your mineral cheek colour, bronzer or finishing powder, and a medium eyeshadow brush which also doubles up as a concealer brush. If you like using mineral colours on your lips, add clear gloss or Vaseline to your kit. Make sure your mineral powders are in sifter jars – you don’t want the inside of your bag to be a powdery mess! Transfer your mineral foundation into a smaller jar so you can easily carry it around in your makeup bag. Empty mineral makeup sifter jars are widely available online. Another good tip is to get stackable pots – they are a space saver, especially if you own a lot of loose powder eyeshadows.

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