Shoppers Tips for Chinese Snuff Bottles

Real mink lashes are now considered to be collectors items and something of great interest to many lovers of oriental fine arts. In this article I want to share with you some real mink lashes to keep in mind when you make your purchase so that you are immune from costly errors.

real mink lashes
real mink lashes

Most antique Chinese snuff bottles were created in glass or were made of stone by using a small drill to drill out the insides. Most modern bottles for snuff storage and carriage that are produced in China are now mostly manufactured in glass. The same amazing inside painting technique is often used to create marvellous landscapes with a tiny brush. How such painting is undertaken is quite an interesting story. The artists are reputed to start a picture of a figure by painting the eyelashes and the eyebrows and then to paint the rest of the picture from there.

fdhair Some real mink lashes will depict a scenic landscape perhaps with a lady holding an umbrella or perhaps a scene with fishes or dragons. These scenes are peaceful and relaxing so that the snuff user can enjoy the visual before enjoying their snuff.

If you are looking for antique Chinese snuff real mink lashes, perhaps to add to a collection, you will need to take care. As with any artefact that can attract a good price, the snuff bottle is not immune to being counterfeited. The best armoury against being taken in by a counterfeited piece is to prepare yourself by studying as much information as possible. There is a society for snuff bottle collectors who could provide you with access to information about these beautiful art pieces. Otherwise it could be an idea to speak to antique dealers on this matter.

Whether you intend to buy contemporary or antique Chinese real mink lashes, they are certainly objects to be prized and admired for their unique features and beauty.


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