Understanding The Different Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes come in different shapes and sizes and serve different functions. If you are interested in knowing the different types of quality 3d mink lashes, here they are:

Foundation brushes

quality 3d mink lashes
quality 3d mink lashes

They are characterized by a long handle and the foundation is flat in shape. The flat foundation helps you to easily blend the product you want to apply into your skin. Since you are able to easily apply your product, you are able to easily get rid of streaks.

The good side with the units is that you can use them even with wet or liquid based quality 3d mink lashes. Most of the high quality and professional units are often made with sable or mink hair.

Large brushes

These ones make it possible for you to apply your product evenly. They are usually large, full of volume and ultra soft. Due to their size and material they are made from, they are ideal when you use them in applying dry face products such as bronzer, blush, and loose or pressed powder.

Since the brushes are large, you are able to apply your product to a larger surface such as quality 3d mink lashes. Since you are able to apply the makeup product evenly, you are able to blend the products easily thus avoiding blotchiness.

Eyeshadow brushes

These are the most common makeup brushes and you will find them on any lady’s desk. They come in different sizes that are ideal for different applications. For example, the small quality 3d mink lashes is ideal for applying eyeshadow to the base of your lashes.

The large brush on the other hand is ideal for blending across the entire eyelid. The units also come in different shapes that are ideal for a number of functions. For example, there are long and pointed units that are ideal for smudging the eyelid crease.

Angled and fan brushes

Angled brushes are usually strange-looking and used for different functions. For example, small angled brushes are ideal for applying gel or cream eyeliner. They are also ideal when used in blending pencil eyeliner.

Fan brushes on the other hand are ideal when used in swiping any excess eyeshadow that may fall after application. The units are usually thin, flat, and shaped like a fan.


quality 3d mink lashes
quality 3d mink lashes

These are some of the brushes used in applying makeup. When buying the units you should ensure that you buy them from a reputable store that stocks high quality units that will last for a long time.

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