Keep Your Skin Healthy Under That Halloween Mask

Just go to any department store and you’ll find the sure tale signs that Halloween is almost here. There are costumes, quality 3d mink lashes, and lots and lots of candy ready to be bought and handed out. Just remember that one night of scary costumes can have a bad effect on your skin. This is especially true if you are considering using makeup to turn yourself into that ghoulish zombie on Halloween.

quality 3d mink lashes
quality 3d mink lashes

Most Halloween quality 3d mink lashes you buy isn’t made to protect your skin like normal skin care products. In fact, a lot of Halloween type makeup and face paints are greased based, which can cause multiple skincare issues for anyone that has acne-prone skin. Try and choose oil free makeup or face paints. Water-based, alcohol-free makeup or face paints are the best options.

I don’t recommend you use a homemade recipe to create your own makeup. One reason is most homemade recipes involve food coloring. I’ve seen patients still green from their homemade makeup well into November. It is best to use over the counter Halloween makeup and face paints.

It is very important to wash your quality 3d mink lashes off after a long evening of handing out candy and scaring all your friends. Don’t go to bed with your makeup still on! It never is a good idea to keep something you bought for a few dollars on your face all night. Take a shower and use a gentle cleanser to get all that makeup.

Don’t forget to listen to your skin. If you feel any itching or hotness under your make up, it may be your skin telling you something is wrong. So, be sure to remove your makeup immediately to try and minimize any rash or irritation that is being caused by your quality 3d mink lashes. Make an appointment with a board certified dermatologist if the irritation continues to be a problem.

Prevent wearing your mask days after Halloween by making good choices on your Halloween costume.

Dr. Abrams is a licensed Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who is A.O.B.D. Board Certified in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. He is noted as being one of the top dermatological surgeons in the Sarasota, Florida community. You can learn more about Dr Abrams by visiting his web-site at

quality 3d mink lashes
quality 3d mink lashes

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