What Is the Cost of Beauty?

As technology and times change so do the many moving parts in the fashion and packaging private label mink eyelashes worlds. The creation of new styles, blends, colors, organics, applications, all for women to look and feel beautiful in our daily lives. There is no question that is an important item. However, what is the cost of beauty?

Each year, worldwide over 100 Million animals die in the process of cosmeceutical testing. Translation? Simple, animals are subjected to lengthy agonizing processes of torture and experimentation in the building of new, sleeker, cosmetics. Most women have no idea the ramifications to animals when many companies adopt this type of testing for effectiveness, however, in the year 2014 we can no longer ignore the pain and suffering of animals for the benefit of beauty.

packaging private label mink eyelashes
packaging private label mink eyelashes

To better understand the process and the need for cruelty free packaging private label mink eyelashes, let’s see just a few examples of the type of testing that currently happening to animals:

  • Dogs are force fed products to test the effects of toxicity upon ingestion.
  • Monkeys have chemicals slow dripped into their eyes so tissue analysis can be performed.

Just for a moment you need to consider the pain. Animals are NOT given any sort of sedative or pain killer. The overwhelming majority of these tests leave animals in a state of permanent disfigurement and pain, and obviously death. The question is, why do we do animal testing that we would never perform on ourselves? Could you imagine the outrage if 100 million humans had their rights violated to be treated as “lab rats?” It would never happen as we have a voice. Unfortunately for animals, they don’t have a voice in the process until now.

It is time for manufacturers and companies to take a stand and support cruelty free packaging private label mink eyelashes. Makeup that the public wants without the harmful testing involved. Here is an amazing fact, the FDA the Food and Drug Administration does NOT require testing on animals of cosmeceuticals. Yet, companies still do? Why? There is no voice by the consumer expressing outrage of the unnecessary testing.

When you are shopping next time regardless if it is mascara, lip gloss, skin care, just know there is a 92% likelihood that an animal or animals have been tested on for that product. The voice today does not come in the form of petitions or social media. Although they are effective forms of voice. The most powerful voice for the animal and product is through money. Money spent on companies and products that ensure a cruelty free process. Purchase cosmetics from companies that produce cruelty free packaging private label mink eyelashes like: e.l.f. NYX, Manic Panic, and Lime Crime. Assume for a moment that companies, who are testing on animals, saw a hit to their bottom-line by an average of 3% or higher, what would they hear? They would hear there is a different process entirely to achieve the product they want, the product you want, and keeping unnecessary animal testing at bay. You have the power of information and the power of voice. So what is the cost of beauty?

Purchase cosmetics from companies that produce cruelty free products.

packaging private label mink eyelashes
packaging private label mink eyelashes

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