A Beauty Expert’s Beauty Trends for 2012

As with any season of beauty, let’s make  natural mink fur false eyelash sure our canvas is  natural mink fur false natural mink fur false vprepared. Coming out of a winter skin, be exfoliated, hydrated and protected. If you can’t make it to the spa for a dermabrasion, try a home kit instead. It will give you almost the same results as a professional for a fraction of the cost. A mask made of honey and aspirin will hydrate your skin better than any expensive moisturizer. Mix a few tablespoons with approximately  natural mink fur false five natural mink fur false  crushed aspirins on a paper plate. Make it into a paste and apply it to  natural mink fur false eyelash your face for about 15 minutes. Your skin will glow and be as soft as a newborn. Protect with a sunscreen every day. You are now ready for the best part. The makeup!


packaging private label mink eyelashes
packaging private label mink eyelashes
Bold pigment on the lips is still the must have look. This  natural mink fur false season, matte is the only way to go. Make sure to use a matching liner. Have fun with making your lips look fuller by lining them just outside the natural border. The cat eye is very much the choice for the eyes for 2012.  natural mink fur false With inspiration from Sophia Loren to the perfect 50’s sex kitten. As seen on the runways, doing it in different colors gives it a new twist. Adding dramatic lashes is a good idea for night. Another alternative is just adding the liner on the upper lid and leaving the bottom alone. Tonal is a big buzz word this coming up natural mink fur false eyelash  season. Using one pot of neutral color on everything including lips, cheeks and eyelids. A flesh color one shade darker than your natural complexion gives you just enough contrast. Your brows will be taking on a life of their own. A much fuller brow is what you will be after. Sounds like a lot less plucking or waxing to me. As for hair, we will be seeing a lot of more of the beach look natural mink fur false natural mink fur false again this year. A soft wavy tousled style makes it easy since you won’t even need to put a brush through it. To match those kitten eyes, the hair will also have a retro feel to it. The French twist will be the style for nighttime, a reminder of Tippi Hedren in “The Birds”. There are lots of large curls placed on top of the head for a dramatic spin on the twist. We also see a fake bob look, which can be done by rolling up the bottom of your hair and using pins to keep it in place. The eighties are returning in nails this coming http://www.garnierlashes.com  year. We have seen e natural mink fur false verything from gold leaf to Swarovski crystal on a narrower oval shaped nail. We will still have the dark colors as it has become a classic now. Every season beauty styles change but if you keep to the classic look, you can’t go wrong.
Meryl Hartstein is a beauty writer, speaker, coach and author of Confidence for Women, Internal, External and Eternal.

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