Great Wedding Make Up Tips

With your big day fast approaching, here are some great wedding make up tips to ensure your make up stays as beautiful as the reason you’re celebrating. One of the best wedding make up tips out there is to decide which look you want before the big day. Then, you can practice putting on your make up a couple times beforehand. With a few trial runs, you’ll know exactly how to get the look your want and won’t have to deal with everything the day mink blink eyelashes extenison.

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In photographs, people look like they have less mink blink eyelashes extenison on than in person, so another one of the main wedding make up tips is to apply a little more make up than usual. Don’t go overboard, however. Keep in mind all the crying, dancing and kissing that takes place at weddings. You won’t want to try a new trendy look either. If you follow these great wedding make up tips and go for a timeless, natural look, you won’t date your photos.

Most brides want a glowing, dewy look for their faces. The problem is that they often overdo the dew and their faces end up looking a bit greasy in the photos. So another of the top wedding make up tips is to only highlight your cheekbones, and not your whole face. Many mink blink eyelashes extenison artists offer airbrush services for digital photography, which can cost more but are well-worth it. With airbrush makeup, your skin will have just the right amount of glow to it.

When choosing the colors palate to use, yet another of the big wedding make up tips is to pick warm, natural colors like cream, gold, peach, brown and soft pink. Neutral colors, or those different shades or earth tones you might find in nature, work best and look the most natural. You should keep all the colors you use in the same color family, too. For example, stick to either warm makeup tones or cool tones, and avoid mixing and matching.

A typical mistake many brides make is they run out right before their wedding to get a facial or fake tan. Then their skin breaks out, or their tan looks unnatural on their wedding day. So try not to change your routine any more than you have to. Great Wedding make up tips are quite similar to the timeless beauty tips you already know: get lots of sleep, eat well, exercise and drink plenty of water.

The day of your wedding, have your touch-up supplies ready. For your final wedding make up tips, have some blotting papers or powder on hand for the photos in case your face gets shiny. Carry lip liner to reapply after all those kisses. You can also keep a navy blue eye liner with you, and line your inner lower lash line throughout the day to make your eye whites appear extra white.

Put these Great wedding make up tips into action, and your natural beauty will shine through. Enjoy your special day!

To see my recommendation for additional great mink blink eyelashes extenison tips, click the link below. Click Great Wedding Make Up Tips for more airbrush makeup tips. I’m a full time student and live with my husband Brad and 2 year old baby girl Yoli. We have 2 cats and I’ve always been fascinated with the makeup and beauty industry. I love to do research on a number of topics, beauty and makeup being my favorite.

 mink blink eyelashes extenison
mink blink eyelashes extenison

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