Free Crochet Patterns For Beginners

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Once you learn the lashes with packaging custom basics, you will be able to crochet anything from a potholder to a wedding gown. The basic crochet stitches start with a chain, single crochet and double crochet. Every other stitch is just a variation of these few. Crocheting is relaxing and a great outlet for your creative talents. Do give it a try it is not near as hard as you think. Once you have the basics under your belt it will be easy to advance onto the more intricate patterns.


Easy Crochet Instructions

It is best to keep the lashes with packaging custom as easy and visual as possible when you began. Find a nice basic pattern, so it won’t be confusing, but yet will be very rewarding when completed. There are basic patterns and projects are all over the internet and you will be able to more than you will know what to do with.

Free Crochet Instructions

Crochet can be very inexpensive or lashes with packaging custom . But to get started the only cost you really need to incur would be a crochet hook, which is only a couple of dollars and a skein or two of yarn. This is one hobby that can be as inexpensive or as expensive as your budget allows.

I have seen hooks and brand new yarn in thrift stores and at yard sales. On the other hand you can go to a yarn shop and buy the most exquisite and expensive yarn they have. Either way you go, a single crochet stitch is the same. I don’t buy the extremely expensive yarn but than the really cheap yarn is really no bargain. It will often shred or unravel, pill and be uneven on the skein. It will not wash well and you will end up wasting a lot of your time.

A nice basic yarn to learn with is the Red ashes with packaging custom 4 ply. This yarn is very good for scarves, hats, slippers, sweaters, afghans, and blankets. They have a large selection of colors and textures for just about any project you may want to make. I suggest you stay away from eyelash yarn at the beginning because it would be very difficult to see your stitches and rows.

Hooks will vary slightly with the different brands. You will find that some have a more pointed end than others. Some tend to be blunt at the hook end and a bit flatten. Myself, I do not care for the blunt ends, as they do not go into the next ashes with packaging custom as cleanly as the pointed type tip. But this is just a personal choice and you may find it just the opposite.

You will need to choose your pattern, and then you will decide on the supplies needed. These will be chosen according to the pattern you decide to begin with. My suggestion for a beginner would be to use a hook size between H through J. Anyone of these would be a good size to handle and to be able to see your stitches and rows as you crochet.

Yarn recommendation is a worsted weight yarn like Red Heart four ply as mentioned above. Keep the color shade from medium to light. The dark blues, browns and black make it very difficult to see your stitches and rows and when you are learning you will have trouble enough without this problem.

Print off the abbreviations below. You will want to keep them ashes with packaging custom until you are familiar with them. This is a short list just to help you learn how to crochet the basics. With this list you will be able to crochet any of the many granny squares and other projects you are sure to come across and save.

Common Crochet Abbreviations

Sp(s) – space(s)

Ch – chain

Ch st – lashes with packaging custom stitch

Sl st – slip stitch

Sc – single crochet

St – stitch

Sts – stitches

Hdc – half double crochet

Dc – double crochet

Trc – triple crochet

Dtrc – double triple crochet

Yo – yarn over (hook)

Sk – skip

Beg – beginning

Dec – decrease


Inc – increase

Tog- together

Asterisk: the asterisk (*) serves as a marker in a row or round of stitches.
Example: repeat from * four times.

Linda lashes with packaging custom draws on 35 years from her knitting and crochet business experience, both as a teacher and craft business owner. She is the author behind Looney for Looms where you will find patterns for loom knitting. We hope you found the information here inspiring enough to try a craft home based business? You can find more free information about knitting and crochet for profit at fdhair


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