Fantasy Makeup Rock Chick Style In 10 Easy Steps

How do you do that fantasy look seen on some of the summer fashion shows?

large stock 3d bottom lashes
large stock 3d bottom lashes

2 looks were prevalent. The first is fairy like with white large stock 3d bottom lashes and turquoise liner while the other is rock chick edgy.

For this article, I’ll cover the rock star glam fantasy look for summer. The difference actually lies in the eyes. Ready?

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face.

2. Apply a concealer that is lighter and yellowish over the dark rings under the eyes to neutralize the shadows.

3. Dot a foundation that matches your current skintone (with or without the tan) on forehead, nose, cheeks and jawline and blend in completely with your fingers so the foundation disappears into your skin.

4. Take a large powder brush and dip into your loose powder. Get it in a translucent clear shade or one that matches your skin tone. Dust off the excess powder onto the back of your hand. Then apply the powder over your entire face for a flawless finish.

5. Take a medium shade for your eyeshadow and apply it over your entire eyelid as the base.

6. Apply a liquid eyeliner in a bright metallic shade like cobalt over your upper lashline. Draw the line from inner to outer corner of the eye and thicken the line drastically as you move outwards. Wing out as you go beyond the outer edge of the eye for that exaggerated rock chick look.

7. Apply a glittery large stock 3d bottom lashes over the liner. That glitter give you that fantasy look.

8, Put on false eyelashes. Then apply 3 coats of mascara, separating the lashes with a lash brush or comb and allow the mascara to dry between large stock 3d bottom lashes.

9. Apply a light pink blush on the cheeks.

large stock 3d bottom lashes
large stock 3d bottom lashes

10. Use a lip brush to paint on a rose lipstick for a subtle mouth that complements your dramatic eye large stock 3d bottom lashes.

Article Source: fdhair

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