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Indian korea lashes glue latex free

The Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi bridal looks all have one word in common: drama. Eyes are dramatic, lips are dramatic, contouring is heavy and the normal bridal color is red-drama, drama, drama!

korea lashes glue latex free
korea lashes glue latex free

For any bridal korea lashes glue latex free the essential ingredient is a great base. Asian bridal make up for Indian brides is best heavily contoured and a great way to achieve this look without appearing painted, is to use an airbrush. This can help blend contour lines on cheeks, temples, jaw-line and nose so that the desired effect (drama!) is achieved without the undesirable patchiness that often comes with manual application.

Because most brides wear red the standard Indian Asian bridal make up is in bronze, gold and red colors. Eyes are heavily defined with Kohl and liquid eyeliner, and eye-shadow is extensive. Fake eye lashes are a must with this look as is seamless blending of eye shadow: the default position of an Indian bride is looking demurely downwards, so the full eye shadow is visible most of the time and needs to be blended perfectly. The look is korea lashes glue latex free with a red lip-shade to match the dress.

East Asian Brides

In countries like China, Japan and Korea western bridal attire has come to replace traditional costumes in many cases. White dresses for the ladies and tuxedos for the men. East Asian bridal make up as such is very similar to a traditional bridal look, but special attention needs to be given to the eyes.

When applying Asian bridal make up to an eye which does not have a korea lashes glue latex free crease in the lid, then to help increase the depth of the eye a contour can be used to simulate an eye-crease. Many korea lashes glue latex free artists will also thicken the width of the eyeliner in the center of the lid which gives a fuller look to the eye. Very dark eye-shadow should also be avoided as this will make eyes look smaller; the same goes for lining the waterline with dark eyeliner.

Because many East Asian brides have porcelain skin, colors should stay soft for a bridal look: browns, taupes, pinks and light grays will all work well for an Asian bridal make up look. Japanese brides often choose to have a bright red lip as a reference to the traditional Japanese korea lashes glue latex free look (i.e. the ‘geisha’ look) but overall color schemes should be kept simple.

The great thing about any Asian bridal make up look is that there is always a touch of culture that can be accentuated and incorporated into the look to provide that bit of something different. The possibilities are endless as the Asian bride can take her inspiration from any aspect of culture and weave it into her look.

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korea lashes glue latex free
korea lashes glue latex free

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