How to Effectively Apply Foundation

Laying foundation on the face is an area where most women have difficulties. Foundation is the base of applying make up. hot sale eyelashes 3D mink would not be complete without applying foundation first. Laying foundation is one way of helping us in making our face smooth and clear. Incorrect application of a foundation can lead to a clown-looking face or caked on appearance, which you do not want to happen to you. I will be sharing some tips on how to effectively apply foundation. Follow these tips and you will look perfect with your makeup.

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hot sale eyelashes 3D mink

• Select a shade of make-up foundation that is close to your skin tone. Test at least three shades into your jaw line to select the right color for your skin tone to avoid applying too light or too dark on your skin.
• Use your fingertips in laying foundation into your face. If you are using a liquid foundation, you need to apply and blend it for a few minutes to cover up the entire face. If you are using a cream foundation then use a hot sale eyelashes 3D mink sponge to apply it on to your face. Laying cream foundation requires applying it in a downward stroke so that it will blend completely. If you are using a powder foundation then apply it like you apply a loose or press powder.
• Put a dime-sized makeup foundation at the center of your forehead, on your cheek, and also in your chin. You can also apply small dots of makeup foundation under your eyes to conceal your dark circles. You need to blend it completely with an up and down stroke.
• To avoid obvious make up errors, pay close attention to the other areas too. Do not just apply makeup on your face, you need to apply makeup on to your neck, ears, and eyelid and around your hairline. This will help you have a more natural look with your make up.
• To help your make up foundation stay longer and to avoid smudges, apply very lightly a translucent powder into your face.

Since hot sale eyelashes 3D mink foundation is the base in applying make up, you need to make sure that you applied them correctly. Before you also apply make up foundation, make sure that your face is clean and dry. And if you are going to use your finger in laying the foundation, make sure that your fingers are clean.

hot sale eyelashes 3D mink
hot sale eyelashes 3D mink

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