Treat Baldness With Natural Supplements

Going bald, false eyelashes , and Alopecia Areata all mean one thing: you are losing hair. The question becomes then how is your hair loss treated. Treatment will depend on the apparent cause of your type of hair problem. Let’s take a look at the types of baldness, treatment with natural supplementation and when it is time to consult your doctor.



There are three basic types of false eyelashes loss, one of which is also a cause of hair loss. Male pattern baldness is usually noted by a receding hair line. Many men are left either totally bald or with hair on the sides and the back of the head. For this type of hair loss to occur, the man’s body must be producing testosterone. Men who do not produce testosterone do not have this type of hair loss.

Female pattern baldness appears with overall thinning of the hair and on the crown of the head. This happens typically along the line where a woman parts her hair. Women do not experience the receding hairline as men do.

Alopecia Areata creates bald patches on the scalp, the beard, and the eyebrows. The eyelashes may also fall out. This may be an immune disorder. It is treated with either a topical or injectable steroid.


Hormones, serious illnesses, high fevers and extreme stress can cause hair loss. Medicines including chemotherapy and radiation treatments, pregnancy, and childbirth can also cause hair loss. When the medicine(s) are stopped or the pregnancy ends, the hair will grow back though at a slow pace, it may take months. Nervousness and nervous habits like excessive pulling of the hair and rubbing of the scalp also contributes to the loss of false eyelashes.

When to call your doctor

There are several instances where you should consult with a physician about your false eyelashes falling out. If the pattern of the loss is not usual, it occurs too quickly or you are young, talk to your doctor to rule out any possible physical causes. If pain or itching accompanies your baldness, seek treatment. If the skin of your scalp is red, scaly, irritated, or has any other type of non-typical qualities or if you have acne, facial hair or problem periods (for women), you should seek help. Other issues such as gaining weight, muscle weakness, inability to tolerate the cold or fatigue, should be addressed as soon as possible.

Treatment with natural supplements

Prescribed medications can be beneficial when you treat baldness. Due to the side effects of some of the medicines however, many are seeking out natural treatments including natural supplements.

Natural supplements for hair reduction are available. Ingredients in one such supplement include vitamins (B-6, Biotin), minerals (magnesium and zinc), and herbs (Saw Palmetto, Siberian Ginseng, and Uva-ursi). Some of these can be taken alone or in supplements. All of the ingredients together better treats hair loss.



false eyelashes loss may be temporary or permanent depending on the cause. Treatment typically includes prescribed medications (oral, topical, or injectable). There are side effects with these medications and many are turning to the use of natural supplements which have far fewer side effects and may be less expensive. The bottom line is hair loss can be treated in many cases.

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