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Makeup can be a fantastic way to improve your look and many women enjoy the advantages of cleverly applied products to enhance their best features and help to conceal those that they feel less positive about. This is reasonably straightforward for younger complexions, but as we get older our makeup needs to be adapted otherwise it can actually end up adding years instead of taking them away. We have come up with a few custom eyelashes package tips for more mature skin to ensure that the way you apply makeup evolves to compliment your look.

Different base rules

custom eyelashes package
custom eyelashes package

During our younger years our custom eyelashes package priorities tend to be things like avoiding shine, covering blemishes and following colour fashions but once you begin to notice wrinkling you need to change the rules!

Now what you need is a lightweight, moisturising base (such as a tinted moisturiser), as little powdery product as possible and subtle, flattering shades.

Heavy makeup (particularly powders) will sit in your wrinkles, so don’t try to hang on to it, embrace change and you will notice how much fresher you look when you keep your base light and natural. With the appearance of wrinkles there is one advantage – you are probably finding that you have less problems with blemishes and oily skin. Blemishes and oily skin are often the reason that we begin to use heavy makeup, so now that they are no longer an issue, leave the full-coverage look behind.

If you feel you need some help with evening out your skin tone, try a light primer base and regularly exfoliate your skin. A treatment such as microdermabrasion may be worth considering. Introducing a skin-renewing serum can also make a huge difference – along with your tinted moisturiser, it could soon replace spot creams and powders as your most treasured products.


If you haven’t already done so, switch to a liquid concealer. We recommend Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent. This nifty little brush applicator does a fantastic job on blemishes and dark circles and is just the right consistency. Though a little light concealer directly below the eye can do wonders, avoid using it on crows’ feet or other wrinkles. Apply with the brush provided and simply pat into the skin with your fingertip. Do not drag the skin – the eye area is extremely delicate.


Try a primer designed for eyes and cover this in a light, neutral shade of eye custom eyelashes package. You may wish to try cream eye makeup. Avoid too much shimmer, as again this will enhance wrinkles, but a dot of very light eye makeup in the centre of the upper lids will open up the eye. Limit any darker shadows, again in neutral shades, to the outer corner of the upper eyelids and finish with mascara.


Try a cream blusher and stick with light peachy or rose shades. Be careful to keep your blush subtle and apply to the apple of the cheek for a natural look.


Go for a dewy moisturising lipstick or gloss in a nude or pink shade. Again, avoid shimmer on the whole, though a small dab in the centre of your bottom lip, carefully blended, may give your lips a fuller look. Leave lip liner alone, it looks too severe.

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