Simple Makeup Tips & Ideas: Your Way to Amazing Eyes

Pulling off a perfect cat eye could be a little tricky, especially if you don’t have the right tools. So what are exactly the tools you need and how to use them? A fresh face, a fresh start and fresh 3d real mink lashes! The best morning moment is getting rid of that smudgy mascara and eyeliner and having the clear skin, but yeah we can’t live without our eye makeup. So how to apply eyeliner? The secret of every girl’s beauty is in her eyes, so make sure you always have the best and most amazing eye makeup even on a daily basis. One of the trendiest eye makeups is Cat Eye, but we can’t have it done without having, aside from the makeup, the best tools. For this you will need:


• A mascara guard: you can place it over your eyelids when applying mascara and eliminate any additional mascara from spreading.

• Liner eraser: it is a small correcting pen, which can easily relief you from small area smudges.

• Shadow shields: a great adhesive to keep you from smudging your eye shadow.

• Qtips: Qtips are 3d real mink lashes best friends! Don’t ever think you could get away without these small creatures always there ready to correct your makeup.

Now you have all that it takes to get the perfect cat eye, however one thing stops in your way, and it is fixing your eyeliner without ruining your 3d real mink lashes! Don’t worry it’s easy. Here are simple 3d real mink lashes tips and ideas to do so.

If you made a mistake while applying your eyeliner, dip a cotton swab into your 3d real mink lashes remover, and dab the tip a bit to remove most of the product. Go over the eyeliner you want to remove with the swab, and erase it gently. Reapply your liner. If you got waterproof mascara on your eyelid, you can use the same trick as above, or you can use a very stiff angled brush, and apply some moisturizer on the tip. It’s a precise way to remove the mistakes you’ve done with waterproof 3d real mink lashes. You can use this method if you have to fix your winged eyeliner too; it works really well! If you applied too much eye shadow or the color is too dark, with a clean blending brush, blend the color again by going over it until it’s toned down. If the color is still too dark, take a nude or translucent powder, or even a beige eye shadow, and apply it over your lid to tone down the dark color. Make sure the bottom of your eyes is not too dark by dabbing off the excess color with a cotton swab. If you went too far on the lid when applying eye shadow, just take a wet wipe, angle it from the outer corner of your eye in the continuation of your nostril, and erase the eye shadow in an outwards motion. It will pull your eye from the angle and give you an instant cat eye effect. You can apply foundation again on the areas that need it. What do you think of these beauty tips and ideas?


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